Just let go...

Take a deep breath and embark on an relaxation adventure with me.


…and my passion to care.

In 2021 I started my healing journey by losing weight, eating much  more healthier and  carying about my mental health..

Recognising all the benefits and the big importance in our society to take more care about ourselves I decided to motivate people to do the work and to come back to a healthier version of themselves.

I constantly work on myself because I know I am worth it. And I want to share this with the outside world and encourage everyone to trust and to understand the importance of selfcare.

With the relaxation classes I offer a very simpel method to slow down, to take a step back and to start to relax our mind body and soul

What is relaxation?
It is very easy to understand the term „relaxation“.
As the word explains it is time that you are taking for yourself to relax!
With these technics you will learn to slow down and to reduce your stress level. Physically but also mentally.

Further more, relaxation can be useful in case of different diseases such as high bloodpreasure, heart rhythm disorders , sleep disorders, digestive problems, chronic complaints and much more!

Reach out for me for all kind of informations. It is my pleasure to be in service for you.

The Secret of Success…

– Different breathing exercices

– progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) developed by American physician Edmund Jacobson that creates a relationship between the body and the mind. It is a deep muscle relaxation.

– Autogenic training first published by the German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz. Focus is on visualisations accompanied by vocal suggestions.

– Automassage

-Relaxing/meditative music

How to reach out for me…

feel free to contact me.